Camp Half-Blood's Halloween Festival

Strawberry Field

Perhaps you're not that into candy or Halloween activities, and all you feel like doing is cuddling up with a loved one and watching your favorite horror movies. If you do, don't hesitate, and stop by the strawberry fields with your vehicle or lawn chairs and watch the daily horror movie!



Oct. 14 ~ The Conjuring
Oct. 15 ~ Dracula
Oct. 16 ~ World War Z
Oct. 17 ~ Mama
Oct. 18 ~ Double Feature: Insidious 1 & 2
Oct. 19 ~ Warm Bodies
Oct. 20 ~ Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Oct. 21 ~ The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Oct. 22 ~ Daybreakers
Oct. 23 ~ Shutter Island
Oct. 24 ~ The Cabin in the Woods
Oct. 25 ~ Double Feature: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 & 3
Oct. 26 ~ The Purge
Oct. 27 ~ The Last House on the Left
Oct. 28 ~ A Nightmare on Elm Street
Oct. 29 ~ Halloween
Oct. 30 ~ Double Feature: Child's Play 1 & 2
Oct. 31 ~ Marathon: The Scream Series


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